יום שישי, 24 באפריל 2015

Summit 2015: The ugly truth: 11 ways to learn what users really think about your product / Iris Shoor

Whether you own a small GitHub project or a part of a well-known application, understanding what people REALLY think about your product is critical. "Talk with your users!” and "Track what they do!" are two of the most common pieces of advice you’ll hear. The problem is that the users you can track or talk to are far and away those that use and like the product. To get a complete view of your product, you need to be able to answer questions like: Why did users leave your product? What do users miss? And how can you bring users back? In this talk, we'll be discussing the following topics:

  • How to get ALL users to answer your emails 
  • How to identify the critical moments when users are about to leave and bring them back 
  • Which wording to use to get honest feedback 
  • The important stats you're not using today 
  • The one question that helped us understand our users' needs

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