יום חמישי, 18 בינואר 2018

Summit 2017: Let's talk about your salary / Iftach Bar

In an ideal world, developers would be paid according to what they are worth. If you're better than another developer, you should be paid more. Of course this is not the case. Developers who know how to negotiate better can improve their salaries. A lot. Luckily for you, it's not hard to get better at negotiating. In this presentation we will understand how an employer decides on your salary; what is the process on the other side of the table. Then, we'll dive into more details of best practices for how to negotiate.


יום רביעי, 17 בינואר 2018

Summit 2017: The Freelancer Journey / Haim Yadid

On September 2007 I started a journey. I left a position as a System Architect in a big Software company and started a career as an independent consultant. This have been a hell of a journey. Two years ago I returned to the warmth of the payroll (business was doing great btw as a freelancer). Along these years I found myself many times answering questions on how this is done. This lead me to the conclusion that the know how may be of an interest to the community and I want to share with you. I believe that anyone who considers becoming an independent contractor/consultant will greatly benefit from this talk.


יום שלישי, 16 בינואר 2018

Summit 2017: Being a remote site doesn’t have to suck / Hagai Levin & Noy Gabay

Being part of a remote engineering site is reality for most people in the Israeli tech scene, from corporate America to startups hoping to 'exit' and become part of something bigger. And that’s great, really!
But, it also sucks. Kind of like being the youngest in a family of nine.
If you want to have impact, be heard and have a seat at the grownups’ table - it’s on you to make it happen.
At WeWork, we built a remote engineering site that is an integral part of the planning, processes and decision making in the company. In our talk we’ll share some good examples of bad habits as well as best practices we followed in order to grow from multiple remote sites to one kickass distributed team.


יום ראשון, 14 בינואר 2018

Summit 2017: A World without WhatsApp's Blue Lines / Gil Vind Picciotto

Sometimes, the smallest features are the ones that make the biggest impact. Then why do we, as product managers and developers, keep pushing these small items to the bottom of our priority (after larger agendas that we feel are more important)? Why do we keep delaying these small items from sprint to sprint? In this session I will present examples of "small" features that became major game changers, provide tips for product and engineering on how to give these features the attention they deserve, and by that ensure we don't live in a world without WhatsApp's blue lines .


יום שבת, 13 בינואר 2018

Summit 2017: Swarm Intelligence and Emergent Behavior / Eyal Gruss

In this interactive introductory talk, I will present how complex global behavior can arise from simple local rules. I will introduce topics as cellular automata, flock dynamics, predator-prey dynamics, social dynamics, crowd dynamics, swarm robotics, and swarm optimization algorithms.


יום שישי, 12 בינואר 2018

Summit 2017: Building a Product That Both Your Grandma and Chuck Norris Can Use / Eynav Dagan

In this session, I’ll explore the illusive tradeoff between product usability and flexibility by looking into an extreme real life case study - a product feature for building network topologies. On the one hand, we would like the product to be a shiny example for usability, which could easily be used by the average Joe who can't distinguish a /24 from a /8 . On the other hand, we would like to enable expert users to go wild with their networking hallucinations and build arbitrary topologies.
It took us a few years (!!) of experiments until we got to the sweet-spot, and would like to share that journey (and many tips and conclusions) with you.


יום חמישי, 11 בינואר 2018

Summit 2017: Chaos Drills FTW - Introducing GomJabbar / Eran Harel

Chaos Drills can contribute a lot to your services resilience, and it’s actually quite a fun activity. We’ve (Outbrain) built a tool called GomJabbar to help you run those drills. GomJabbar is similar to Netflix's Chaos Monkey, but was built for a more relaxed environment / platform requirements, and allow it to run on your private cloud infrastructure.
In this talk I'll explain why we built it, and how you can utilize it to improve your infrastructure and services resilience to failures.


יום חמישי, 4 בינואר 2018

Summit 2017: Automate Your Review Process / Eliran Bivas

Today’s pull request review flow lacks important visible information and therefore require tedious administrative work.
Rivi is an innovative bot that automates repository management. Forget about manually checking which module was modified, or which people are in charge of a review, Rivi will do it for you.
Rivi enables automatic labeling so that committers can understand their repository status with a quick glance. It assigns relevant users to review, merges pull requests, sends triggers regarding issues that require prompt attention and more.
Rivi is already being successfully used by iguazio to manage several repositories.


יום שלישי, 2 בינואר 2018

331 with Randy Shoup about Data science and experimentation at scale (english)

בפרק זה רן מדבר עם Randy Shoup, סמנכ"ל הפיתוח של חברת StitchFix על data science ועבודה בסקייל.

במה עוסקת החברה , מה הקשר בין בגדים לdata science, מה האתגרים, ואיזה עוד חברות שותפות לאתגרים הנ"ל

רנדי הרצה גם בכנס רברסים האחרון, הנה לינק להרצאה.

הקובץ נמצא כאן, האזנה נעימה ותודה רבה לקטי על התמלול

יום שני, 1 בינואר 2018

330 with Shir Meir about PyData etc

בפרק זה מדברים אורי ורן עם שיר מאיר, מנהלת יחידת DATA SCIENCE בחברת INTUIT על מספר נושאים, בין השאר על:

  • PyData, קבוצת המיטאפ שהקימה 
  • וגם - מה מעניין ב data science 
  • והמלצה על פודקאסט בנושא data science בישראל. 
  • המיטאפ הבא נשמע מעולה 

הקובץ נמצא כאן, האזנה נעימה ותודה רבה לקטי על התמלול